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Redistribution and interior design of a basement into a family’s multi-purpose room

A unique project in which the challenge was to transform a habitable basement of a single-family home into a multi-purpose room including recreation and office space.

With a total area of 120 m2 that our clients presently used as a leisure space in the home, but which they wanted to get more out of. It was a very large space but at the same time extremely dark, so the main objective from the beginning of the project was to turn it into a brighter space.

We were able to turn a sad and dark space into one filled with light and life through a new distribution of furniture, a change of color on the walls and furniture selection and the incorporation of new decorative elements.

The initial open space turned into a sequence of areas connected harmoniously: a cinema, study area, games area, office and dining room. The result is a pleasant shared space where the family now spends long hours sharing moments together and with friends.

Type: Interior Design Project
Surface: 120 m²
Location: Utrera (Seville), Spain
Date: September 2017
Project: OS Estudio | Architecture & Interior Design