Comprehensive renovation and interior design of a residence in Pamplona

“… Seville in Pamplona”, or more broadly, “the South in the North”. That was the root of this comprehensive housing renovation project inspired by the owners who are from Navarra and Andalusia. They transmitted this intent to us and from that idea we conceived the new distribution and materialized the project.

Whitewashed walls, meeting spaces, wrought iron bars, tiles, plants, light … all characteristic elements in Andalusian vernacular architecture reinterpreted in a more current way and all seek their place within this space of about 200m2.

White, black, wood, and glass predominate among the chosen finishes, always seeking simplicity and light as a backdrop for the display of colour and details typical of houses from the South.

Type: Architecture and Interior Design Project
Surface: 191,20 m²
Location: Pamplona, Spain
Date: July 2016
Project: OS Estudio | Architecture & Interior Design