Renovation and interior design for Feroz I cocktail & coffee bar

Igor and Ivan, owners of “Sunset”, contacted us to give a radical change to their cocktail bar. They wanted to drastrically modify the image they already had. Changing the style, colours, the name and even reaching another audience were the clients main requirements. In short, they wanted to start from scratch, aim for new objectives, increase profitability from the business, and those aims were the basis of our work.

A bold, lively and at the same time welcoming colour palette, under the guidelines of a geometric design and in an environment where the natural, thanks to the presence of materials such as wood and rattan and abundant vegetation, set the pace for the project.

A fundamental objective for us was also to shift away from excessive height of the original central space thanks to the help of colour and to lower the lighting plan.

The result? A contemporary, fresh, image full of dynamism that has invaded every corner of this new venue, which is undoubtedly the new rage of the local bar scene. The design reaches the secondary areas of the bar, taking care of even the smallest detail, including highlighting the lobby and the bathrooms where the concept continues to be present.

Type: Interior design Project
Surface: 197 m²
Location: Dos Hermanas (Seville), Spain
Date: August 2018
Project: OS Estudio | Architecture and Interior Design