Interior design for a villa in Valencina, Sevilla

This interior design project was for a spectacular house that has large spaces full of possibilities. The house was in very good condition so our clients needed advice from us on the furnishing of the house. The project encompassed the design and decor of almost the entire house, including interior and exterior spaces.

Each room was designed with great care taking into account the particularities of each of them. The wallpapers gained a lot of prominence in this project and there were many corners that were renewed thanks to their powerful design motifs and colours. Pleasant and cheerful tones filled all areas of the house.

Regarding the furniture, the living room and entrance hall are characterized by furnishings with very modern and functional lines. On the upper floor, furniture with more natural and warmer finishes was chosen. On the outside terrace, cheerful and warm tones predominated in combination with cozy furniture.

The result was a very practical home with a modern and cozy aesthetic.

Type: Interior Design project
Surface: 195 m²
Location: Valencina (Seville), Spain
Date: January 2018
Project: OS Estudio | Architecture & Interior Design