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Comprehensive renovation and interior design of a residence in Pamplona

“… Seville in Pamplona”, or more broadly, “the South in the North”. That was the root of this comprehensive housing renovation project inspired by the owners who are from Navarra and Andalusia. They transmitted this intent to us and from that idea we conceived the new distribution and materialized the project.

Whitewashed walls, meeting spaces, wrought iron bars, tiles, plants, light … all characteristic elements in Andalusian vernacular architecture reinterpreted in a more current way and all seek their place within this space of about 200m2.

White, black, wood, and glass predominate among the chosen finishes, always seeking simplicity and light as a backdrop for the display of colour and details typical of houses from the South.

Interior design for a villa in Valencina, Sevilla

This interior design project was for a spectacular house that has large spaces full of possibilities. The house was in very good condition so our clients needed advice from us on the furnishing of the house. The project encompassed the design and decor of almost the entire house, including interior and exterior spaces.

Each room was designed with great care taking into account the particularities of each of them. The wallpapers gained a lot of prominence in this project and there were many corners that were renewed thanks to their powerful design motifs and colours. Pleasant and cheerful tones filled all areas of the house.

Regarding the furniture, the living room and entrance hall are characterized by furnishings with very modern and functional lines. On the upper floor, furniture with more natural and warmer finishes was chosen. On the outside terrace, cheerful and warm tones predominated in combination with cozy furniture.

The result was a very practical home with a modern and cozy aesthetic.

Comprehensive renovation and interior design of a family-home in Seville

Undoubtedly a project with a very Andalusian feeling… A house in the heart of Triana, one of the neighbourhoods most deeply rooted in Seville tradition. Renewing its finishes and furniture was the challenge that was presented to us with this project.

The client needed to radically change the image of her home without abandoning that Seville and Andalusian traditional feeling. It was a difficult challenge but not impossible! From the first moment we started working we set a very clear concept: look for traditionally inspired materials but with an air of modernity.

Gray and neutral tones were chosen for the finishes of the kitchen and washrooms. Geometries that evoke the Andalusian tradition flooded these new spaces, both interior and exterior. More cheerful and welcoming tones were chosen for the living areas.
The result was a completely different house with a subtle Andalusian air with which the client felt very comfortable and renewed.

Interior design for a family-home in Seville

From very special clients to an even more special result …
When the clients told us about their desire to count on us to decorate and furnish their new home, their vision inspired us, and it was precisely this feeling that led us to such a beautiful result.

The house, located in the Seville neighborhood of Nervión, needed to be fully rethought and furnished, so we got down to work designing the space according to the clients’ profile.

Natural and warm finishes were what best suited their tastes and needs. The subtle combination of earth and green tones was the protagonist in the main rooms of the house: both the living room and the master bedroom. For the children’s bedroom we opted for more cheerful and fun tones.

The result is a home full of personality, colour and design, all combined in a harmonious way. We know that they are very happy with the result but actually we are happier to see them enjoy their new home so much.

Redistribution and interior design of a basement into a family’s multi-purpose room

A unique project in which the challenge was to transform a habitable basement of a single-family home into a multi-purpose room including recreation and office space.

With a total area of 120 m2 that our clients presently used as a leisure space in the home, but which they wanted to get more out of. It was a very large space but at the same time extremely dark, so the main objective from the beginning of the project was to turn it into a brighter space.

We were able to turn a sad and dark space into one filled with light and life through a new distribution of furniture, a change of color on the walls and furniture selection and the incorporation of new decorative elements.

The initial open space turned into a sequence of areas connected harmoniously: a cinema, study area, games area, office and dining room. The result is a pleasant shared space where the family now spends long hours sharing moments together and with friends.

Comprehensive renovation for a rental property in Seville

The owner contacted us to renovate an older house and prepare it to enter the rental market. It is a bright apartment in the Seville neighborhood of Los Remedios. A radical change in the finishes of the house combined with some new distribution ideas were enough to completely transform this house that had been left completely outdated.

The state of the house was crying out for action, and all the more so as the objective was to introduce it to the market for long-term rental housing. The interior finishes were completely changed. The choice of furnishings and colours were made of neutral tones and classic lines but with a touch of modernity, making the result that of a contemporary and fresh apartment.

A spectacular and spacious apartment, thanks to the small but decisive intervention we made, took very little time to have new tenants!